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The Living Water International office is located in Pensacola, Florida. 

We are here to assist sponsors, churches - anyone with any questions at all. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Information for current & potential US Adopt-A-Child sponsors


paypalWe have many children in need of sponsors in Guatemala and in Albania. Sponsorship is $30 per month and may be paid monthly, quarterly, yearly – however is most convenient for you. We accept checks, cash, money orders or you can give via automatic monthly withdrawal from your checking/savings account. (For more information on how to sign up for the auto-withdrawal program, please contact our office.) You can also give via credit card using the PayPal link.

Sponsorship covers hot meals at the feeding programs, free medical & dental care, as well as Bible and discipleship classes.

Special Gifts

You can give a special gift to your child for their birthday, for their family, or for any reason you choose. Just include an additional amount with your donation, with a note letting us know how much is for the special gift. You will receive a handwritten thank-you from your child, as well as a picture of the child with their gift. Please allow a minimum of 90 days for this process, as we will shop for your child, arrange delivery, as well as translate the notes and letters. The only exception here is Christmastime; we do not send out individual “thank-you” letters/pictures for Christmas gifts due to the high volume of children receiving gifts that time of the year.

Communicating with your child

All monetary gifts should be sent to the US office. Letters/Cards can be sent directly to the office in the country in which your child resides, at one of the addresses listed below. Please do not send packages, as delivery is very unreliable, but a regular card or letter-size envelope is usually fine. Your local post office should be able to help with the amount of postage to use.

In Guatemala:

Living Water Ministries, APDO 389, 03901 Antigua, Guatemala, Central America

In Albania:

Living Water Ministries, Rruga "Unaza E Re", Mbi tregunm Pogradec, Albania

Please write your child’s number on any correspondence to insure proper delivery. Again, please do not include money in any correspondence sent to Guatemala or Albania.


We at LWI believe that every child should be especially blessed at Christmas. Every year, every child (sponsored or unsponsored) receives a Christmas gift and gets to participate in a special Christmas celebration. This includes a special meal and program. This is one of our biggest evangelistic outreaches of the year, in addition to blessing the children. Please consider donating to the Christmas fund each year. The cost is currently about $15 per child and every tax-deductible donation helps more than we can even express! Donations can be made at any time during the year – just write us a note designating an amount to go toward the Christmas fund.